About my

About my in a nutshell

I'm Aleksandr (Alex for you). I was borned in 1981 in Ukraine, Vladimirovka sity and was going to the school there. After that graduated from the driving school with ‹B› and ‹C› caterories. It's means a passenger car and a truck. Аfter that a year and a half served in the army. Then a work wherever I could. And in 2005 I bought my first computer Intel Pentium 4.) Since then my programming experience has started and going on at the moment. But my interest in programming woke up much earlier. I remember how wrote down my frist programm. It was written on calculator MK 61. You see it below.

calculator mk 61

I was twelve. Code of programm for this machine i found in magazin «Modeller Designer». You see it below.

magazine modelist constructor

Anoter hobby English

One year ago namely in 2015 I'v started to learn English and every word on this site was written by myself. Now my level about upper intermediate or advanced. Anyway it's enough to understend you without big part of slang. I learn english in few places. It's lingualeo.com - awesome resourse. By the way you can learn Russian and Spanish there. And second resource is engvid.com - magnificent lecturers there are . Also I was read bottomless sea of specialized literature (It’s everything about google SEO, programming foundation, site usability and lots of interesting things in this array.

For now as before I`m interested and working towards automation and programming in web. Whole me site about it.)