About my in a nutshell

Oscommerce web programmer (PHP, SQL, JS, Python)

My name is Alex, and I'm an advanced Web developer with a edge towards Ecommerce. I have a vast experience in using Oscommerce, Laravel, Wordpress, OpenCart, Bootstrap(3-4), JS (wich includes jquery, react), CSS3 and HTML5. I have a strong knowledge in PHP (base, functional and OOP), and SQL.

But in the same time I'm not trying to stick into any of those CRM of frameworks, labs and whole bunch of that stuff. Lots of cases were in my practise when the best and fast decision is using only pure functions witch rescue situation.

I’ve worked for a Ukrainian company as a Project manager in the I.T area for more than 6 years. My responsibilities included database design (structuring and optimization of DB), creating and embedding new modules and features. Often have deal with price lists reorganization. I have also worked with various kinds of API's, and I’m also a freelancer with local clients in Ukrainde. My first site I made was in 2008.

I would like to note that I have experience in Google Adwords advertising and in such cases I helped people with just one decision so the project did not go belly up.

I clearly understand the usability differences of both web based and mobile devices, to draw in customers from different platforms.

I’m always eager to find new interesting projects, make new connections and give the greatest service.

For now as before I`m interested and working towards automation and programming in web. Whole me site about it.